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 What can Move Mountains do for you?

The individuality of people demands an individuality and diversity of holiday.

Our guests are well educated professional people, usually widely travelled and independently minded who seek a holiday that is suited to their particular needs.

Move Mountains was conceived for the very purpose of providing you with a specialist tailor-made service that can take the stresses away from arranging your holiday.

Catering for your needs is not merely about knowledge of a destination, as many other travel operators imply, but also the need to match that knowledge to your own particular requirements.

At Move Mountains we constantly strive to listen and empathize with you, our guests, so that the holiday we put together can truly deliver what you want and deserve.


Personal Experience

Move Mountains was created by two consummate travel professionals, Hannah & Pascal August, who between them have over 25 years of experience in delivering quality holidays.

Beyond this experience, both the founders have travel in their blood, having journeyed or lived in a multitude of countries on all continents. They share a passion for everything from skiing in the Alps to driving across deserts or lazing in the sun.

Having a young family of their own, the founders also fully understand not only the differing needs of families when travelling but also how difficult and time consuming it can be to find the right holiday. Many of our holiday destinations therefore have an emphasis on providing a complete family experience which exceeds the expectations of both child and parents alike.

Move Mountains is a small owner-run business and proud to be so. It means that someone is always in the office with a vested interest in delivering the very best.

It also means that our guests, as opposed to those of a larger company, have a more direct benefit from the close relationships that the founders have created and fostered with our partners over many years.


Our Philosophy

Our business amounts to little without the support of our partners overseas; the hoteliers, the chalet and villa operators, the transport operators and all those who make things happen on the ground.

We choose our suppliers based upon their ethos, passion and ingenuity, the quality of their product, the reliability of their service and their price performance. Most importantly, we have trust in what they deliver and our close bonds enable us to do our best to Move Mountains for you.

Where these qualities are not evident, we do not shy from finding better alternatives so that we can be confident that the trust our guests put in us is matched by the established reputation of the services and accommodation we recommend.

We believe in an open and honest approach to the business of crafting your holidays and delivering the services we offer. We thus invite any comments or suggestions that you have based on any aspect of what we do.

We very much hope that you will give us the opportunity to share our passion for travel with you.