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Lech snow report suggests snowmaking might be good for the environment

A new study financed by the Austrian ski resort of Lech has found that an that an even covering of snow in early autumn actually provides protection for the meadows beneath, helping them to produce a wide variety of flowering plant species in summer.

The study looked at the possible effects of a start to snowmaking as early as the start of October – only just after the official end of summer.

The existing Vorarlberg guidelines allow snowmaking to start from 20 October, but a recent ruling means that artificial snow can be stockpiled in Lech from 01 October.

Making early snow does not affect flora and fauna according to the study.  Vegetation had already died away and depending on the altitude of a resort, snowfall and ground frosts can occur regardless.

The study was carried out by Prof  Pröbstl from the Institute for Ecological Research in Etting-Polling.

A wonderful spot in summer too

A wonderful spot in summer too

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By Pascal August