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Man Friday

Here is a selection of your ‘Man Friday’ specialities to get the mind racing:

  • A surprise birthday celebration
  • A romantic dinner on a desert island
  • Pointers on where to find the best reef for snorkeling
  • A list of the ‘must-have’ cocktails at the nearest bars
  • Keep the kids safely and happily occupied so that you can relax
  • The best Spa treatment in resort (we have not tried them all but we will work on it!)
  • Tickets and transfers to the rock concert down the road
  • An expert guide to explain what the local festival is all about
  • Find the best local surf breaks for the time of year
  • Have your lift passes waiting for you on arrival
  • Pre-book the best tee off times

and many more… Call us on +44(0)1753 463400 to speak to us about this and other concierge services.

‘Your very own faithful travel assistant’

There are a multitude of travel companies offering expert knowledge of all the worlds wonderful destinations. Many will deliver an excellent sales and concierge service and we at Move Mountains believe that we are amongst those.

However, beyond the expert advice on the usual choice of destination and travel arrangements there comes a time after booking when you need to consider the finer points that will define your holiday as the perfect one.

What we at Move Mountains offer is that little bit extra; your very own faithful ‘Man Friday’ – a dedicated and personal travel assistant service that will take away the need for endless hours of trawling the internet or reading through guide books.

Your ‘Man Friday’ is at your disposal from the moment that you book with Move Mountains until the moment you walk back through your own front door.

The Concierge Service

We all deserve our holidays to be perfect, to give us that special break that we crave and to return us home in good spirits, ready to face the challenges ahead until our next holiday comes around.

Each and everyone of us will have a different view on what constitutes that perfect holiday. For some, it will be laying on a sun drenched beach with absolutely nothing to do other than wonder at how the kids are getting on with their new friends in club. For others, only an adrenaline packed week of skiing, ice diving and husky sledding will do.

Either way, as anyone who is tasked to organize a holiday can tell you, it can take a lot of valuable time to research and deliver what you and your other group members desire.

Your ‘Man Friday’ service will very much depend on your own personal concierge needs and may range from simple advice on which end of the beach has the quietest sun loungers, to putting you in touch with the best possible ski and scuba instructors available, right through to booking luxury jets and yachts.

We strive extremely hard to gain a true understanding of your every need, so that when the time comes to consider your next holiday, your ‘Man Friday’ will be faithfully waiting to further assist you, bolstered by previous knowledge of what made your precious earlier holidays such a success.

We look forward to hearing from you.