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Should I go on honeymoon in the Seychelles?

“Should I go on honeymoon in the Seychelles?” At Move Mountains Travel it’s a question we often get asked (particularly since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their honeymoon there in 2011).

Here are five of our best reasons to make the Seychelles your choice for that holiday of a lifetime:

1. Sand and Surf
There are over 10o islands that make up the Seychelles.  Close to the equator and with a year-round tropical climate, you can enjoy white sand and turquoise blue water.   There’s diving along along the coastline, with colourful tropical fish, luminescent coral and whale sharks in September and October.


2. Delicious local food
Seychelles cuisine is a mix of French, Indian and Asian influences. Seafood is a daily staple, with tuna, shark, red snapper and octopus often found.  Maybe try lobster spaghetti or some delicious seared tuna.

3. Elegant history
The Seychelles was part of both France and Britain empires before it gained independence in 1976. The capital of Mahe is Victoria is home to a third of the population. A visit and taking the time to wander through the pretty streets is well worth while.


4. Great shopping
The amazing ‘Sir Selwyn Clarke’ market in Victoria has to be seen to be believed.  Full of strange fruits, spices and seafood, it’s an essential part of any visit.  Camion Hall is the place to head to pick up some traditional Seychellois arts and crafts.

5. Stylish resorts and private islands
Depending on your tastes, budget and desires, Move Mountains Travel can help you find the property in the Seychelles for the honeymoon of your dreams.  Whether you want to be on a private island, such as St Anne Spa and Resort, or on Mahe at say the Maia Luxury Resort, just ask us to help – that’s what we’re here for.

Maia Luxury Resort and Spa, Seychelles

Maia Luxury Resort and Spa, Seychelles

For more information on any of the properties available in the Seychelles, please contact Move Mountains Travel on 01753 463400 or by email.

By Pascal August