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Islas Secas

Gulf of Chiriqui / Panama

While some might consider a private island the height of luxury, Islas Secas offers its guests an entire archipelago to explore. Based off Panama’s pacific coast, this 18-guest resort is the only form of civilisation across 14 isles and for 20 miles in any direction. Placed in one of the planet’s most mind-blowing region’s for natural wildlife, Islas Secas puts conservation at the heart and soul of everything it does, from its waste management to planting thousands of native trees.


What to love

  • All of the resort’s food waste is recycled, while 100 per cent of its wastewater is used for irrigation. Its power is also 100 per cent naturally sourced from solar panels.
  • The waters surrounding the archipelago are teeming with a diverse array of aquatic wildlife, look out for pods of dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, giant manta rays and humpback whales.
  • Islas Secas’ properties were built using sustainable materials, while 75 per cent of the archipelago has been left intentionally undeveloped.

What to know

  • With one, two or four-bedroom options, the chic casitas offer quiet time all day around. Amenities for all casitas include complimentary Wi-fi, French press for fresh coffee, reusable water bottle, international sockets and mini bar.
  • The resort has a dedicated adventure concierge, who can arrange activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, surfing and boat tours.
  • The Terraza is Islas Secas’ communal spot, where guests can dine on stomach-pleasing, locally-inspired dishes and chill-out with a sundowner at the bar.



The eco-conscious Islas Secas is a supreme destination for travellers that want to feel alone with nature. Sitting 20 miles off Panama’s coast in this incredibly biodiverse region of the Pacific Ocean, the naturally-styled resort has this archipelago’s 14 isles all to itself, while only 18 guests are permitted at any one time.

The resort puts a huge emphasis on conservation and appreciates the value of eco-friendly tourism. All of its charming coastal casitas and structures have been built with sustainable materials, while interiors have been treated to prevent the need for frequent reconstruction. Important work has also been done to ensure impeccable standards of waste and water management, and all energy consumption on the island comes from a 300-metre solar array. Three-quarters of the archipelago also remains intentionally undeveloped.

The casitas are tucked away in verdant tropical gardens, some with eye-popping views out towards the lagoon. The secluded lodges have a low-key luxury feel, while a roomy outdoor deck and plunge pool with a thatched-roof cabana add to the extravagance. The Terraza is the place to be come mealtimes, where Panamanian flavours rule a menu that’s built on the finest local ingredients. After sundown, a kooky Hemingway-inspired bar is just the place for a nightcap before bedtime.

The Gulf of Chiriqui is a diverse wildlife hotspot, with giant manta rays, sea turtles, schools of tropical fish, and even migrating humpback whales being spotted in the waters surrounding the archipelago. As well as being the perfect conditions for divers and snorkelers, paddle boarders, kayakers and surfers can also join in the action. The resort has a dedicated adventure concierge, who, amongst other things, can help arrange boat trips to Coiba National Park, a Unesco World Heritage site, or Isla Cocos, which is prime for birdwatching. Naturalist tours can also be organised to learn more about the rare animal and plant life on the island.

When To Travel

Islas Secas tends to be closed between mid July and mid December. All other times are a pleasure but the best months tend to be from January to April.


Islas Secas is located 20 miles off Panama’s Pacific coast. Guests usually arrive via the International airport at Panama City and take a connecting flight to David Airport. It is then a short drive to the coast followed by a 75-minute scenic boat ride to Islas Secas.

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Families are most welcome at Islas Secas and there is a myriad of things to do exploring the amazing bio-diversity both on land and below the sea. Both the Casita Sombras and Casita Tres Palmas offer two bedroom options, whilst the four bedroom Casita Grande is ideal for larger families or groups of friends. Islas Secas also offers special offers for families so please speak to us about the options.