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Pikaia Lodge

Santa Cruz Island / Galapagos

As the first luxury hotel on the Galapagos Islands, Pikaia Lodge offers a far more sustainable alternative to the cruise ships that flock to this most stunning and biologically diverse part of the world. Built around a broad number of eco-initiatives, this architecturally striking accommodation is one of the most advanced green lodges in existence, whilst still providing extraordinary levels of comfort.


What to love

  • Pikaia Lodge has been designed according to the highest environmental standards.
  • The resort’s Sumaq Spa, with its rejuvenating whirlpool, is on-hand if you want to unwind with a massage or holistic scrub.
  • The Galapagos and the surrounding marine reserve are classed as one of the seven underwater wonders of the world, lending it a must-visit status amongst scuba divers.
  • There are almost 3.5 kilometres of private paths through the verdant forests surrounding the resort suitable for walking, jogging or mountain biking.

What to know

  • The lodge enjoys a special microclimate for most of the year, one that’s warm and bright with crisp breezes, which also makes it mosquito free.
  • The lodge is situated in the middle of its own private giant tortoise reserve.
  • The resort prizes itself on being family friendly.
  • Head to the lodge’s Evolution Restaurant for a dinner with jaw-dropping views over the Galapagos National Park, and a wine cellar filled with the finest Ecuadorian fare.


Set on Santa Cruz Island, which can be found in the middle of the Galapagos archipelago, Pikaia Lodge laps the edge of an extinct volcanic crater, gifting it wonderfully dramatic views across the Galapagos National Park and out towards the Pacific Ocean. Located in a world-renowned hotspot for diverse wildlife, the hotel sits in the middle of its own private giant tortoise reserve, whilst providing keen scuba divers with close proximity to some of the best dive sites on the planet.

Built with a belief that well-planned ecotourism can aid the protection and regeneration of this majestic area, sustainable initiatives lie at the heart of Pikaia Lodge. Not only has it been designed with green components such as solar and wind generators, underground rainwater tanks and LED lights to accommodate environmentally conscious travellers, it also pledges a great deal of support to local communities as part of its social-responsibility programme.

This extraordinary level of consideration shines throughout the lodge. Locally sourced lava stone and recycled building materials have been used on most floors and walls, while the luxurious rooms have been designed with a natural ventilation system. The lodge offers four types of accommodation, each with dreamy floor-to-ceiling windows, spacious bathrooms and a shady private terrace. The larger pool suite also features its own private plunge pool.

Elsewhere, there’s a sense of opulence spread throughout the resort. The Evolution Restaurant is not only a place to try mouthwatering Ecuadorian specialties but also a noteworthy destination in its own right, with views overlooking the resort’s impressive infinity pool and the lush national park beyond. Then there’s the Sumaq Spa for those looking for total relaxation, which has a sizeable menu of massage and wellbeing treatments.

When To Travel

There is no real bad time to visit the Galapagos. From June to November, choppy cooler waters from the Humboldt current are swept up to the islands bringing nutrients from the southern oceans. This brings extra wildlife to the area and cooler temperatures (low 20s C). From December to May is deemed the hot tropical rainy season but showers are usually in the evenings or at night with little consequence to your enjoyment. Higher temperatures (high 30s C) make for great beach and snorkelling time.


Pikaia Lodge is situated on the central island of Santa Cruz, within the Galapagos Archipelago. Flights from Guayaquil on the mainland into Galapagos Baltra Airport take approx 1H40 (avoid the alternative San Cristobal Airport) followed by a short 10 mins boat trip and approx 30 mins road transfer.

Great For




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The Galapagos is an ideal destination both for leisure and to extend passion and education for the natural world. Pikaia Lodge is set within a Giant Tortoise reserve which children will love.

There are no interconnecting options and the hotel will not allow children under 12 years to have a room on their own. Families with younger children who prefer not to share a room are therefore required to sleep with one adult and one child in separate rooms. Rooms with two Queen beds can fit an extra bed however, so families can fit into one room if they wish.