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Refugio Amazonas

Tambopata / Peru

Hidden away deep in the Amazon rainforest, the Jungle Lodge of Refugio Amazonas in Tambopata achieves comfort while putting an enormous emphasis on nature in everything it does. But what makes the Refugio Amazonas’ commitment to animal conservation so special is its encouragement for guests to get involved, whether that means teaming up with researchers to discover new species of insect or checking night time camera traps for the rare sight of a jaguar.


What to love

  • Visiting such a biodiverse area provides wildlife moments that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world, and Refugio Amazonas helps you get the most out of those opportunities.
  • Tap into the life of a local by visiting the verdant jungle farm, where farmers will teach you about the organic crops along with their way of life.
  • The jungle lodge was constructed entirely from natural materials, while the resort runs on solar energy.

What to know

  • Private guides who grew up in the native community of Infierno are available to accompany guests around the local area.
  • There’s an abundance of adventure to be had here - whether it’s mountain biking or learning how to build your own jungle raft.
  • The resort is very family friendly, with so many opportunities for children to engage with and learn about the region’s conservation projects.


Few places capture a sense of adventure quite like Refugio Amazonas. As headquarters to the citizen science programme Wired Amazon, it has taken on a responsibility for this incredibly fertile place and developed a range of essential conservation projects for both the rare wildlife that inhabits the area and also its native people. These initiatives aim to create awareness and help protect this precious environment – and they encourage visitors young and old to get involved.   

It’s these unique moments within the Tambopata area and its wildlife that makes this place so unforgettable. A normal day here can involve quietly observing majestic macaws gathering on the parrot clay lick, heading up the 100ft tall canopy tower to help take aerial photos of the landscape using a drone, or meeting the workers at a local jungle farm where papayas and pineapples grow. There are also opportunities to help the resident researchers with their work: pore over jungle camera footage for a glimpse of a shy, elusive beast or carefully observe insects in hope of uncovering a new species.

Concerns about the local environment also make their way inside of the Jungle Lodge. The entire resort was built from natural materials and is powered by solar energy, while smaller, thoughtful details – like using local, natural ingredients for the in-house spa services – also show a consideration for sustainability. The impressive 32-bedroom lodge features a range of accommodation types suitable for couples and families, all with beautifully crafted interiors, extravagant bathroom features, modern amenities and, of course, wonderful views of the jungle outside.      

When To Travel

The Tambopata area has a dry season during May to October with November and December being the wettest months outside of this period. There are advantages to visiting during the wet season since the temperatures are lower, river levels higher and the experience less busy. Animal viewing is just as abundant in either season although amphibians will be more frequently seen in the wet season, whilst Macaws visit the clay licks more regularly in the dry season.


Located on the banks of the Tambopata river in south eastern Peru, access to the lodge will take 1 hour by road from Peurto Maldonado Airport, followed by a scenic 1 hour river transfer. 

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The resort is very family friendly, with so many opportunities for children to engage with and learn about the region’s conservation projects. Children will enjoy nature trails and animal spotting as much as any of us. Slightly older children will love activities such as the "Ese Eja Native Community Survival Techniques" which includes learning to build a raft!